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    Julian Wagstaff




    Breathe Freely - a 'chemistry opera' by Julian Wagstaff

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    Scottish composer Julian Wagstaff - Catalogue of works

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    Scottish opera composer Julian Wagstaff's Online Catalogue: Scores, recordings, videos, programme notes and more

    Scottish composer Julian Wagstaff's Links page. Julian is based in Edinburgh, Scotland (UK).

    Julian Wagstaff - Scottish composer - 500在线彩票正规吗
    Click the above link for Julian's 500在线彩票正规吗page.

    Science and Music | Music and Science
    Click the above link for Julian's Science and Music page.

    Linn Records is a Glasgow-based record label which specialises in classical, jazz and Scottish music. It is part of Linn Products. Linn Records will release a CD recording of Julian's chamber opera Breathe Freely in October 2015.

    Scottish Opera is Scotlands national opera company and the largest performing arts organisation in Scotland. Scottish opera generously supported the 2013 premiere production of Julian Wagstaff's chamber opera Breathe Freely.

    Hebrides Ensemble is Scotland's foremost contemporary music group, specialising in new, twentieth and twenty-first century chamber music, music theatre and chamber opera. Hebrides Ensemble gave the first performance of Julian Wagstaff's trio A Persistent Illusion in December 2011.

    Formed in 1974, the Scottish Chamber Orchestra (SCO) is one of Scotlands five National Performing Arts Companies and is internationally recognised for its innovative approach to music-making and programme planning. The SCO performed a new concert version of Julian Wagstaff's musical John Paul Jones at the Queen's Hall, Edinburgh in September 2010.

    Entry for Scottish composer/arranger Julian Wagstaff on the BFI website (credited as Julian J Wagstaff).

    A selection of Julian's scores and recordings has been made available free of charge on the IMSLP website, a community-built library of public domain sheet music.

    Based in Edinburgh and founded in 1991, the Consort of Voices (COV) specialises in performances of a cappella music and small-scale choral repertoire from the 15th century to the present day; it is one of the most versatile groups of its kind. COV joined the Scottish Chamber Orchestra for two performances of a new concert version of Julian Wagstaff's musical John Paul Jones in September 2010 in Edinburgh.

    Music transcription, engraving, arranging and composition service in the United Kingdom. Georgia Seddon and Pitch Perfect provided arranging and transcription services to Julian Wagstaff's 2015 Fringe show Song to Me.

    Looking for piano or keyboard lessons? Look no further than MyPianoTeacherEdinburgh.co.uk. Friendly, affordable, professional tuition from a master player.

    Website of Julian Wagstaff's musical John Paul Jones, about the Scots-born hero of the American Revolution.

    Website of Julian Wagstaff's opera The Turing Test, about the quest for human-level intelligence in a machine.

    Julian Wagstaff's page on the LinkedIn professional networking site.

    Composer Julian Wagstaff's channel on the YouTube video sharing site.

    Julian's catalogue entries at the British Library in London.

    Entry for Scottish composer Julian Wagstaff in the online encyclopedia Wikipedia (in English).

    The School of Chemistry chose to appoint Julian Wagstaff as its Composer in Residence in its Tercentenary Year 2013, and commissioned a new short opera entitled Breathe Freely for performance in Edinburgh's Assembly Rooms on 24 October of that year. Edinburgh University is widely regarded as the 'cradle' of modern chemistry.

    Scotland's foremost professional string quartet, indeed the country's only full-time professional chamber ensemble, the Edinburgh Quartet are resident at Napier University and give regular concerts in Edinburgh and Glasgow in addition to their near-constant touring commitments. The internationally renowned quartet recorded my Piano Quintet in 2004, and gave the first performance of the string quartet version of Treptow in 2006.

    Contemporary sheet music publisher based in Edinburgh, publishers of Julian Wagstaff's Piano Quintet.

    Buy scores of Scottish contemporary composer Julian Wagstaff's works online at the popular online music store.

    Julian Wagstaff's rock 'alter ego'. Julian writes, performs and records rock music under the name Jules Reed.

    Edinburgh-based rock band playing original material. Julian Wagstaff sings, plays guitar and writes songs for this band under the name Jules Reed.

    Chamber music string trio based in New South Wales, Australia. The ensemble has programmed Julian Wagstaff's piece In Extremis as part of their 2016/2017 season.

    Calum Malcolm is one of the UK's top audio professionals. Over the years he has worked with some of the greatest artistes in Rock, Pop, Classical, Jazz and Traditional music. Calum produced and engineered the Edinburgh Quartet's 2007 album Frontiers and Bridges, featuring Julian Wagstaff's Piano Quintet, and the 2014 recording of Julian's opera Breathe Freely.

    London-based director, composer and workshop leader, specialising in opera. Director of the highly successful premiere production of Julian Wagstaff's chamber opera Breathe Freely, performed in Edinburgh's Assembly Rooms on 24 October 2013.

    Lyreka is a community where music lovers like you500在线彩票正规吗rself can find song meanings and share thoughts or interpretations on any song lyrics.

    A three-dimensional visualization of global homicide rates produced by the Igarapé Institute in Brazil, on which Julian Wagstaff was the lead developer.

    Bulgarian-born pianist Silviya Mihaylova is currently based in Glasgow, UK where she enjoys a busy life as a solo performer, chamber musician and teacher. Silviya served as repetiteur for the production and recording rehearsals for Julian's 2013 opera Breathe Freely.

    The foremost online resource for the artform in Scotland. Opera Scotland is a "one-stop-shop", including interviews, opera listings, historical information and much more.

    Website of actor, singer and cabaret artist Helen Wilding, who played the part of Countess Nicolson in the 2010 production of John Paul Jones by composer Julian Wagstaff.

    ASCUS is an active group through which members can further explore the potential of cross-disciplinary collaboration between the arts and sciences. The group is based in Edinburgh.

    Are you500在线彩票正规吗 looking for guitar, bass guitar or music theory tuition in Edinburgh? Look no further than Persevere Music based in Leith, Edinburgh - run by Julian's brother, Roland Wagstaff.

    My friend Luci's new website, offering composing and orchestration services. Includes online samples.

    Website of Edinburgh guitarist Graham McLeod. Includes audio and video samples.

    Run by Ged Brockie and Adam Armit, this local independent record label boasts an eclectic roster of acts, and is 500在线彩票正规吗 to the Edinburgh Quartet album Frontiers and Bridges, which features Julian Wagstaff's Piano Quintet.

    Scottish actor and voiceover artist based in London. John played the part of Benjamin Franklin in Julian Wagstaff's musical John Paul Jones, and is also an accomplished Burns Supper speaker.

    American flautist based in the New Orleans area.

    Arts management company based in Edinburgh specialising in providing string quartets, trios, and other chamber ensembles for weddings and corporate events.

    Website of Scottish guitarist and composer Ged Brockie, with scores, MP3s, concert dates, links, photos and contact info.

    Website of conductor James Lowe. James is a former Associate Conductor of the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and star of the Channel 4 series Orchestra United. He conducted the Edinburgh Quartet CD Frontiers and Bridges, produced by Calum Malcolm and Julian Wagstaff, which features Julian's Piano Quintet.

    An excellent online resources for information about classical composers. Includes biographies, compositions, news, concerts etc.

    "The instrument's foremost exponent in Scottish traditional music" (Scotland on Sunday). Visit Donald's website for gig dates, CDs, pictures and more.

    Comprehensive guide on how to fix sloppy guitar playing on Beginner Guitar HQ.

    The Edinburgh Guitar Repair Centre is a top of the line workshop that believes in high quality craftsmanship when repairing musical instruments.

    Have an entertaining chat with an online Artificial Intelligence! It will learn from what you500在线彩票正规吗 say, and even create the virtual you500在线彩票正规吗. Can it pass you500在线彩票正规吗r own Turing Test?

    Formerly the Edinburgh University Opera Club, this company produced the sell-out run of Julian Wagstaff's chamber opera The Turing Test on the 2007 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, to critical acclaim.

    Website dedicated to the life and work of Alan Turing. Maintained by Andrew Hodges, author of the book Alan Turing - The Enigma, an important source for Julian's opera The Turing Test.

    The famous Edinburgh Fringe. The world's biggest arts festival!

    The premiere on-line resource for all Scottish traditional and concert music. Includes composer profiles. The Scottish Music centre keeps detailed information on past performances of all of Julian's works, and publishes several of them.

    Tom Butler is a composer and conductor based in Glasgow. He conducted Julian's opera The Turing Test on the 2007 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

    ECME is a non-profit organisation that exists to give high-quality performances of new orchestral works by contemporary composers.

    Low-cost guitar transcription software, produced by RoboSens Ltd, of which I am the managing director. Lets you500在线彩票正规吗 plug you500在线彩票正规吗r guitar into you500在线彩票正规吗r soundcard and write music with no extra hardware.

    Edinburgh's most successful music school since its foundation in 1999, and run by my friend Paul Boyd. Morningside School of Music offers tuition in all styles of music (classical, rock, jazz etc) on virtually all instruments, plus theory and composition. Paul is also a successful and respected composer, teacher and music promoter in his own right.

    Mick McGarr's recording company. Mick wrote many of the orchestrations for my musical John Paul Jones, and produced most of the recordings on my Music page including the Jones cast recording. Mick specialises in providing highly cost-effective production solutions for songwriters.

    Founded by my friends Liz Ford and Pete Harvey, the Rose Street Quartet are one of Edinburgh's most active string quartets. In addition to regular concerts, they are also available for weddings, parties and functions. They occasionally expand in number to become the Rose Street Ensemble, and recorded my Treptow piece in 2005

    The (recently renamed) professional organisation for composers and songwriters in the UK, of which I am a member.

    Julian's German to English translator page.

    The largest public database on the arms trade in the world, designed and built by Julian Wagstaff.

    Julian's computing/programming page.

    Julian's friend Eleonore Wapler, who provides translations from English into French, as well as French/English interpreting services.

    Julian's friend Lisa McCreadie, who provides translations from French, Spanish and Italian into English, and interpreting services between those languages.



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